ALERT: In response to COVID-19, insurance is paying for telehealth psychology services and online counseling.

Solving Life Problems Together Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Life is complicated, and at times we need help to overcome roadblocks in our everyday lives. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a life-changing therapy that allows the patient to create helpful coping mechanisms for the personal issues that they are facing, helps them learn how to regulate their emotions, and assists the patient in reexamining false perceptions surrounding their lives and personal relationships.

Dr. Marcy Shoemaker, Psy.D.

Who I Am

Dr. Marcy Shoemaker, Psy.D. founded Full Spectrum LLC to assist with the needs of patients who are seeking treatment through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She is a fully licensed psychologist with degrees in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, and Health Care Management. She is a goal-oriented therapist who helps her patients advance their goals and improve their lives through direct action.  Dr. Shoemaker is committed to her patients around the clock.  She is easily accessible between sessions and always available to take your calls after hours and on weekends. She actively follows up with her clients after sessions to provide the best care possible.

Reasons to Receive Counseling


To Work on Resolving Life Conflicts


To Develop Realistic and Achievable Goals


To Understand Stresses that Contribute to Symptoms

Counseling Areas of Expertise

Dr. Marcy Shoemaker, Psy.D. specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a specialty that focuses on the individual patient and their specific issues. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is beneficial in assisting patients with their individual problem areas and helping them to live fuller and happier lives by shifting false perceptions and adjusting harmful learned behaviors. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy places an emphasis on the individual and is an action-driven therapy.  Dr. Shoemaker applies this method of psychiatry to many practice areas including:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Counseling  
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Therapist 
  • Anxiety Therapist
  • Depression Therapist
  • Geriatric Psychologist
  • Career Counseling Services
  • Life Transition Counseling 
  • LGBTQ Counseling
Reinventing Life using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sessions Anywhere, Anyway You Want

Full Spectrum LLC can provide therapy sessions in four ways to meet your individual preferences and needs: telehealth, one-on-one, group, and in-home counseling. We offer telehealth therapy via Zoom and to protect your privacy. This is a great option for anyone who wants to receive counseling in the comfort of their home during the global Covid-19 pandemic. Marcy is committed to keeping all her clients safe while maintaining exceptional care using telehealth. We also offer one-on-one and group therapy sessions. Lastly, we will start to offer in-home visits again once Covid-19 is under control and it is safe to meet in person again.  Full Spectrum LLC is committed to providing counseling sessions anywhere and anyway. 

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Often, depression, anxiety, and other disruptions to mental health can be the result of negative thoughts, life transitions, health issues, and other related issues that can affect life, work, and even friends or family members.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy works to improve one’s perceptions through changes in thoughts and behaviors. Not only can the therapy help to reshape negative perceptions, but it can also assist with regulating emotions so that the individual can react more appropriately in stressful situations. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an action-oriented therapy that concentrates on creating and accomplishing goals that are set by the therapist and patient.

Learned behaviors can often be harmful or disruptive if a patient has developed unhealthy coping mechanisms. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on establishing personal coping mechanisms that help to resolve existing issues and problems, thereby creating a happier and more stable life for the patient.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is extremely effective for all different types of mental health issues. Rather than focusing on the disorder, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy places a focus on the individual patient. By emphasizing the needs of the individual, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help patients to overcome unhelpful coping mechanisms or erroneous perceptions about life and develop healthier behaviors so they can function better in their everyday lives. From depression and anxiety to severe mental illness, alcohol and drug use, and even eating disorders, CBT has proven to be an effective solution for treating patients suffering from many different types of disorders.

Be Happy