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Control your lifestyle with Marcy Shoemaker, Psy.D., anxiety & depression therapist in Rosemont who specializes in helping her patients live a happier lifestyle through cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT.

Believe it or not, our natural response to stress is anxiety, but sometimes our body goes overboard with how it processes that anxiety. This can lead to crippling levels of anxiety that affect our day-to-day routine. Usually, these high levels of anxiety are also coupled with depression.

What Kind of Anxiety & Depression Therapist Should I See?

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most effective forms of anxiety & depression treatment. Taking the time to see an anxiety & depression CBT therapist will do wonders for the psychological difficulties you’re trying to overcome. The tactics involved in cognitive behavioral therapy aim at locating & directly addressing the very roots of negative thinking, then creating a personalized plan to cope with it & ultimately defeat it.

It’s worth taking the time to vet any & all therapists you might be considering. Seeing an experienced CBT therapist for depression & anxiety will save you more time & money down the road. A well-trained & experienced therapist for depression & anxiety will know how to develop a customized therapeutic plan to help you with your specific difficulties.

Things to Look for in an Anxiety & Depression Therapist

Here are the top four things you should look for in a therapist for anxiety & depression:

  • Credentials. How did this therapist obtain his or her degree(s)? What are his or her specialties?
  • Setting. It’s worth finding a therapist local to you. This opens up opportunities for both in-person & telehealth counseling.
  • Experience. For how many years has this therapist been counseling? What are some notable points of time in his or her career?
  • Testimonials. What are previous clients saying about this therapist? Does he or she take the time to really listen & develop solutions?

Take note of & examine these four things when you vet a therapist for depression & anxiety in Rosemont. Doing so will greatly increase your confidence in your therapist & make you more motivated to show up to each session, leading to greater results for both yourself & your therapist.

Another thing to keep in mind when searching for a therapist for depression & anxiety is if he or she will accept your insurance or, at the very least, work with you on payment. Your therapist should also be able to prescribe you medication or refer you to someone who can. Finally, make sure to establish clear timeline expectations with your therapist: How long does it take until his or her anxiety & depression therapy starts working?


What Techniques Do Therapists Use for Anxiety & Depression?

There are many techniques a therapist for depression & anxiety might use; among the most popular & effective is cognitive-behavioral therapy. Research proves that CBT treats effectively the following conditions:

  • Social anxiety
  • Panic disorders
  • Phobias
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Consistent worrying
  • Obsessive thinking
  • And others

The foundation of cognitive-behavioral therapy, what makes it work so well, lies in locating & directly combating negative thinking & unrealistic predictions. You’ll work with your therapist on replacing those thoughts with realistic ones that will lay the groundwork for more positive thinking later on. Your therapist for depression & anxiety in Rosemont will help you create calming affirmations & statements that you can repeat to yourself when you feel tempted to fall back into negative thinking.

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