Anxiety & Depression CBT Therapist in Wynnewood

A therapist is seen writing on their clipboard as their client lies on a couch in front of them.

It’s completely & totally normal to be stressed, sad, and anxious. But if you’re starting to feel like your anxiety & depression is dramatically affecting your day-to-day life, it may be time to seek the proper assistance from an anxiety & depression CBT therapist in Wynnewood before little problems start to turn into bigger ones. You should contact a therapist if you’re experiencing the following symptoms on a consistent, routine-altering basis:

  • Consistent worrying
  • Obsessive thinking
  • Random increases in your heart’s BPM
  • Feelings of restlessness
  • Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning
  • Attempting to predict the future

Which Kind of Therapist for Depression & Anxiety Should I See?

While there are many different types of therapists for depression & anxiety you can contact, research has proven that cognitive behavioral therapists (CBTs) are the most effective at treating anxiety & depression in both the short term and the long term. This is because cognitive behavioral therapy aims to locate & address the very roots of the individual’s repeated anxiety & depression.

These may lie in difficulties the individual faced when they were growing up or other types of trauma they faced or continuously face in adulthood. These well-trained therapists for depression & anxiety will be able to create with you a customized therapeutic plan to help you combat your anxiety & depression over time.

What Should I Look for in a Therapist for Depression & Anxiety?

It’s imperative that you take all the time you need when vetting therapists to make sure you select the best, most compatible one for you. Here are a few basic things you should pay special attention to:

  • Schooling & Licensure. Where did this therapist for depression & anxiety go to school? Are they properly licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania?
  • Years of Experience. For how long has this therapist been practicing? Ask them about some career highlights and times when they felt they could’ve done better.
  • Customer Testimonials. What are previous clients saying about this therapist? Are they or have they seen results?
  • Setting. Although telehealth & today’s technology have revolutionized therapy, it’s still a good idea to find a therapist for depression & anxiety in Wynnewood or close by so that you also have the option of in-person tutoring.

Remember to ask the hard questions upfront to make sure you’re getting the best, most compatible cognitive behavioral therapist for you.

What Techniques Do Therapists for Anxiety & Depression Use?

The techniques behind cognitive behavioral therapy lie in locating & addressing the very roots of the individual’s anxiety & depression, then creating a customized therapeutic plan to help the individual cope with & ultimately defeat their symptoms. The goal of CBT is to rewire the negative thinking into long-term positive thinking through behavioral tactics like self-affirmations and psychological tactics like manipulating thought perspectives to turn negative thoughts into positive ones.

You’ll work closely with your cognitive behavioral therapist to create that customized therapeutic plan that will help you see results over time.

Live the Life You Want to Live with Marcy Shoemaker, Psy. D. Clinical Psychologist

Marcy Shoemaker, Psy. D. is a well-trained & experienced cognitive behavioral therapist in Wynnewood who can help you live the life you want to live. Contact her today to set up an appointment!