Now Offering Telehealth Psychology Services!

Covid-19 has forced many industries to change the way they provide services. Full Spectrum LLC has transitioned to offering telehealth psychology services. Now, more than ever, people need support and a professional to call to get psychological advice and help. Seeing a psychologist via telehealth is easy and convenient! With telehealth services, you can now contact your psychologist at any time to schedule an appointment. Then, you simply log in for your telehealth psychology appointment. Telehealth utilizes video and virtual tools to streamline the medical process and makes seeing the doctor easy and convenient.

FAQs about Counseling Services during the Covid-19 Crisis:

With the rise of Covid-19, many necessary changes have been made in our day-to-day operations. In order to continue to accommodate patients safely and responsibly, we now offer virtual telehealth services, where you can speak to a telehealth psychologist via video feed rather than during an in-office visit.

Like other businesses, we have moved online. However, because we deal with sensitive personally identifiable information, we have to protect the privacy of our clients and ensure that we are operating within the confines of the law. HIPAA-compliant software is being utilized to ensure that your privacy is completely protected, and we have switched to telehealth services via Zoom and to continue to serve our patients without risking your sensitive personal information.

While telehealth services have been growing considerably over the last few years, they are still relatively new to a lot of patients. Many people wonder how effective a virtual therapy session can be. According to the American Journal of Managed Care, over 60% of patients reported no change in their overall care when engaging in telehealth therapy as opposed to face-to-face therapy methods, and 59% of doctors also reported no major change from traditional therapy.

Telehealth therapy is becoming more popular as an alternative to traditional methods of therapy, due to the convenience and flexibility that it offers. Patients are more likely to keep appointments with a telehealth psychologist as opposed to an in-office appointment, and more than 52% of providers have reported that virtual appointments are more efficient than traditional appointments.

Telehealth appointments are extremely easy to set up. If you have ever had a Zoom meeting or a remote conference, you already know how to use telehealth services!

Once you have made your appointment, you will simply download the meeting software prior to your appointment. Your telehealth psychologist will provide you with the necessary link to access the software, and information on how to use it.

Before your appointment begins, check that your software is downloaded and is functioning correctly. Make sure that you check your video and microphone to ensure that they are on and working. At the time of your appointment, log in 5 minutes early and then wait for your telehealth psychologist to join the video.